Fun Date Activity

Fun Date Activity

These paint kits make for a super fun date activity. Check out some of the results!

Step 1: Order the kits on our website store.

Step 2: Choose a fun location. These are great to use literally anywhere. So get creative, and find a place that can help get you in the zone. 

Step 3: The setup - These kits include everything you need, but you will want to have some paper towels on hand, and a cup of water for your paint brushes. Also, you will need to access your online tutorial video.

Step 4: Get painting! Each piece will turn out differently. Focus on enjoying the experience, rather than coming away with a perfect painting.

Step 5: Finish and post your unique piece. We love to see everyone's special take on this experience, and hear how this product helped you grow closer as a couple and relax!

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