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DIY Paint Kit - Lighthouse on the Bay

DIY Paint Kit - Lighthouse on the Bay

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Items Included: Everything you will need to create your own Lighthouse on the Bay paint scene.

- Code for Instructional Paint Video

- 9x12" Canvas Board

- (3) Brushes

- Palette Knife

- Tubes of Acrylic Paint

- Parchment Paper (palette and table covering)

- Tape

Not Included but Needed: Water, Cup, Paper Towels, Internet access for video

Length of Time: 1 hour 30 minutes - 2 hours

Intermediate Level: For all adults and for some children craft/art inclined. Recommended ages 7 and up. Always have an adult present with children to help guide.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Julia Lapp
Fun for a Party!

We did this for my daughter’s birthday party! They loved it!! Everyone can be an artist!

Brandon Keller
So fun and simple! Great idea for a date too!

I tried this paint kit out with my wife and we had a blast!! We picked a spot in the metro parks and painted away. I seriously have no artistic skills but this paint kit actually makes it easy. Priceless memories!

Sydney Tozer
Great date idea!

My husband and I chose to do this painting outside in a park. We aren’t artists but it was so relaxing and we had a lot of fun!

Linda Kardamis
Great for artists and non-artists!

My daughter and I both did this activity. I have no artistic talent but had a great time with the activity. It was relaxing and it was exciting to produce something that actually looked decent :) my daughter LOVES art and she did a way better job than me! Lol. The steps were easy for her to follow. Highly recommend!